I've worked at and with Google, The New Yorker, Anomaly and more...


Adecco (Google) - Writer

2017 - Present

I was asked to help Google give the Google Assistant a personality and make it more accessible for Australian users. In my time at Google I’ve worked with numerous teams around the world and written 1000s of responses. I also host conferences and workshops around the world.

The New Yorker - Writer

2018- Present

Alongside Jason Chatfield, I contribute cartoons to the New Yorker. These works have been seen on commented on by millions of people around the world including Presidents, famous actors and, once, a Real Housewife of somewhere or other!


Is There Something In This - Podcast


The podcast in which Jason Chatfield and I come up our cartoons for the New Yorker. This podcast has become very popular with sell out live shows around the USA and global press coverage.

Anomaly - Senior Writer

2015 - 16

I felt like a change in career direction and was asked to work at Anomaly as a writer.  In that time I worked on various accounts, Captain Morgan, Marriott, Panera and Kit-Kat.


Green Light Boys - Podcast

2013 - Present

I co-host a very niche and inexplicably popular podcast.  We are regularly in the iTunes top podcast charts and over the years we have amassed over 500K Soundcloud followers, making it one of the most popular Soundcloud podcasts in the world.

The Project - Channel Ten

2009 - Present

The Project is Australia’s top news/entertainment television show.  I’ve been a regular contributor since its inception.  I currently serve as a US correspondent, my coverage of the US election featured heavily.


Published Writing

2003 - Present

 Throughout my career I’ve written for various publications, Cosmopolitan (various countries), Vulture, Sydney Morning Herald, Girlfriend, Chik Magazine and J-Mag to name a few.

Stand-up Comedy

2012 - Present

Over the last five years I’ve become one of Australia’s top stand up comedians, performing sold out shows around the world.  I released a critically acclaimed comedy special and performed two sold out tours around Australia.


Nova Radio


Nova is one of Australia’s top hit music radio stations.  I hosted the top show on the network, Sydney Breakfast.  The most memorable moment of that time was when I achieved exclusive access to the then most (in)famous man on earth, Charlie Sheen.  Sheen was in the middle of his public meltdown, I was the only person in the world invited into Sheen’s house, he later flew me to the USA to perform at his live shows with Jeff Ross.

triple j


triple j is the world’s most popular new music radio station.  In my time there I wrote, produced and hosted nearly every show on the station.  In that time I interviewed nearly every major musician in the world from Johnny Marr to Jack White to Lily Allen, The Strokes, Wu-Tang Clan to name a few.  I also created a number of successful campaigns that saw immediate ratings boosts.  I finished my time at Triple J hosting the drive show and turned it into the most listened to radio show in the country.


The Chaser


The Chaser began life as a satirical newspaper and then turned into one of Australia’s most popular and successful comedy empires.  I wrote for the award winning newspaper and the internationally acclaimed television shows and appeared on the Chaser radio shows.


I’m on an O1 visa which means I’m eligible to work in any writing capacity in the USA.


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